*New Work* ‘IX’ (2019)

Mixed media on canvas
(101cm x 76cm)

©Robin Ealdmoor

Yesterday’s Best-Lucky-Find-Of-The-Day

‘The Vest Pocket Ready Reckoner’ (Miniature book of Commercial Tables – Circa 1915)

I found this yesterday in the second-hand book shop at Claydon House. It was just too awesome to leave on the shelf.

#Catching Dreams @SouthbankCentre with @KoestlerTrust

I’m not really one for ‘blogging’, frequent visitors will testify to this, and I have no intention of breaking the habit. HOWEVER, I’m making a brief exception to mention the exhibition I visited yesterday evening at The Southbank Centre in partnership with the Koestler Trust.

‘Catching Dreams’ is the single most inspiring exhibition I have seen in quite some time (and I spent six years working at The National Gallery in London!) The art is outstanding, thought provoking and moving, the curation is welcoming and relaxed and as an added bonus the work is for sale at affordable prices, (forget the so called ‘accessible’ art fairs!)

Displaying human creativity at its best through all manner of subject matter and mediums I was struck by the diversity and the  passion and energy poured into each piece. All the work has been produced by prisoners, offenders on community sentences, secure psychiatric patients and immigration detainees, and each one offers an insight into the artist (as all good art should). Some works address the harsh realities of prison, violence and fear whilst others focus on more positive aspects such as family and hope for the future. There are also a number of notable celebrity portraits too (Look for Clint Eastwood and Damian Hurst in particular).

I discovered a technically flawless pencil drawing titled ‘Bursts of Light’ which, despite having not a penny to my name, I would have bought in a heartbeat ….and then I realised someone had beaten me to it. Like all great exhibitions I have walked away questioning my own abilities and determined to push harder and further, which incidentally is my plan for today.

So if you want to see what art can do for people, and maybe even invest in a little piece of original art  ‘Catching Dreams’ is the place to go 25% of every purchase goes to the Koestler Trust and 25% to Victim Support.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 30th Novemeber 2014

you can keep your fancy Shoreditch gallery’s thank you!

I’ve linked all the key words for more detail, because I’m a bit lazy.


p.s The image is borrowed from the Koestler Trust