In this age there is, more than ever before, a need for revolution.

Against the rationalisation of the nature of man, the analysis of the mind of the individual and ever increasing knowledge of human biology there is a casualty of science. A victim of knowledge.

In the modern age we deny ourselves our past…. our essence, our very being!

Human nature has been systematically dissected, studied, accounted, weighed, measured and re-constructed into a Frankenstein’s Monster which we now recognise as the ‘self’. Modern life is for existing, rationalising every thought and action, considering the ‘whys?’ before the ‘why not’s?’ a society in which everyone pursues gain; be it intellectual growth, financial improvement, material wealth or the pursuit of power. Mankind is so enamoured, so very intoxicated by the forward motion, the question of ‘what will change tomorrow?’, that we neglect what remains from yesterday.

The nature of man as an existent entity with base animal motives, those which today we consider and largely disregard as ‘gut instinct’. It is by embracing this instinct that we can truly advance. Artistically this should be ones only goal, to create without the constraint of justification and analysis without questioning ‘why?’

True expressionism does not ask because it does not care.