I love my work, painting, drawing, making things, it’s a constant source of refuge, encouragement and meaning in my life which has facilitated so many other interests and learning experiences. I believe Art can do this for everyone and that although techniques, theories and history can be taught, creativity is inherent and catalytic to knowledge. Creativity is a skill we all posses and all we need do is understand the way in which we work in order to see, comprehend and excel at it. Following your passion is itself an educational experience.

For me one of the most satisfying experiences comes from feeling as though you have removed the invisible divide which keeps so many people from appreciating art and exploring their own abilities. I hope that I can provide for others the encouragement and freedom which was given to me by THAT person who made all the difference to me and my work. As such I am embarking on developing my own brand of ‘Arts Facilitation’ free of pretense and and exclusion my aim is to focus on the enjoyment of being creative.

If you would like to ‘dabble’ or simply just chat about what you would like to accomplish with regards to your own creativity or you represent a group interested in an introductory session then please contact me for an informal chat.