‘Black’ (2017)

Concept pen sketch on paper


Jocasta 2.0 (2013)

Mixed Media
©Robin Croucher

‘Pythia’ (2015)

Ink and Watercolour on paper

(42cm x 29.7cm)


 Canto 17 ‘Acheron’ (2014)

Mixed Media on Canvas (50cm x 70cm)

This piece is now available for purchase from the store.

©Robin Croucher

Canto 18 ‘The Fall of Phaethon’ (2016)

Mixed Media on Canvas (61cm X 91cm)

©Robin Croucher

Canto 18 ‘The Fall of Phaethon’ (2016)

‘He (Zeus) thundered, and balancing a lightning bolt in his right hand threw it from eye-level at the charioteer, removing him, at the same moment, from the chariot and from life, extinguishing fire with fierce fire. Thrown into confusion the horses, lurching in different directions, wrench their necks from the yoke and throw off the broken harness. Here the reins lie, there the axle torn from the pole, there the spokes of shattered wheels, and the fragments of the wrecked chariot are flung far and wide.

But Phaethon, flames ravaging his glowing hair, is hurled headlong, leaving a long trail in the air, as sometimes a star does in the clear sky, appearing to fall although it does not fall. Far from his own country, in a distant part of the world, the river god Eridanus takes him from the air, and bathes his smoke-blackened face.’ Ovid – Metamorphosis

Quick sketch

This idea has Abstract Watercolour entitled ‘Narcissus Nervosa’ written all over it. Haven’t decided where to put Echo yet though ……I may even try a detailed pen drawing as well. 

Progress report on new work

As is traditional i’ll keep it brief. I’m making slow progress, I think I’m at the ‘wrestling stage’ as aspects of the painting are moving back and forth with regard to success. It’s coming along but still feels clumsy and lost. When the time’s right I think more decisive mark making will be the answer. My apologies for the rather poor image.