‘Response 1850’ (2018)

Watercolour, chalk and charcoal on heavyweight paper.
(42cm x 29.7cm)

©Robin Croucher

New Work



Watercolour and Pastel studies for ‘The Fall of Phaethon’ 2015 (Working title)

Work continues on ‘The Fall of Phaethon’ (working title)

I’ve got to be honest I’m feeling a little creatively fragile at the moment. Regular bouts of self-doubt are part of the coarse but it doesn’t matter how many times I go through it ….it never gets any easier. I’m confident a good bit of painting will help though. So here’s another study in progress (Charcoal and Pastel) to help me work through the doubt and develop ideas and process’ for my next canvas.

Detail study from ‘The Battle of Arsuf’ by Gustave Doré

Finishing this has been a long time coming but now the move is over and I have my new drawing board I’ve been able to wrap it up. Next project!